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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

FreeSMS app: Send Free SMS to India

This post is dedicated to one of my close friend Ayush Pateria. He recently developed an android app called FREESMS which enables user to send free sms using his phone via free sms sites like Way2sms.
I’ve used this app & my rating is 4 out of 5. This really sounds good. He’s my classmate & we both are in 10th standard right now. The interest of this grows as much as we get into it!
Here is the total review for this app. Hope you find it useful.
Description of the app-
You can send unlimited free sms to any mobile in India direct from your android phone. The app is Quick, simple and clean.
You can send sms from free gateways like:
# Way2SMS
# FullonSMS
# Site2SMS
# 160by2
# YouMint

What you need?
The app is for android devices, therefore android phone or tablet is a must.
Besides this, you just need to have a working internet connection. No SMS charges will be applied. You can send unlimited SMS in a day.
You need to have a verified account on any of the gateways mentioned above. To register an account just go to their respective websites.

Features of the app:
#QUICK & FAST- You can send multiple SMSes at one shot. That’s real quick, I’ve used this app.
# SAVES TIME-The app remembers your username, password and gateway ever or until you logout. This saves your time.
# SYNCRONISES WITH PHONEBOOK-You can get recipient’s mobile numbers from your mobile contacts. This app automatically synchronises with your phone’s contact book.
# GET FORWARD SMS-You can even choose your SMS from the in-built huge SMS collection of every occasion e.g., Valentine’s Day, Happy birthday.
#LIMIT- Character limit of a maximum of 260 characters (Site2SMS).
# your mobile number in sender ID (YouMint).
# Delivery within seconds.
# you even get Delivery Reports after sending text.
A special thing about this app is that all the complex operations like recognizing the response from gateway, formatting the message and numbers are all done on EXTRENAL SERVERS, thus saving a lot of your battery life and RAM. 
#“You will get a force close error if you try to open the app in offline state. So please make sure you are connected to internet. This problem will be fixed ASAP.”- Developer says.
#even when the service providers change the way to login, you can request it below in the comment box. We’ll get it done for you.
#this is not the official app and is not associated with the gateway in any manner.

Note from developer:
>> We never store your account details.
>>If you want more gateways to be added just comment below, I will provide your request to the app developer.
1>> Visit the Android Market on your phone.
2>> Search for “FreeSMS” app.
3>> Click on “Download” and install it on your phone.
or even you can visit this URL directly :



Im using Way2sms its good, though the messages are sent a little late.

Yea! That's me. Thanks for post. :)

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