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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Who wins the race?

3rdparty  APPS

The race between GOOGLE and APPLE is competitive enough and a learning for all those struggles in life over the world. The god of internet GOOGLE has launched its OS – ANDROID which has hit the market and pushed IOS back to very extent. No wonder APPLE is the brand name and you can blindly trust the APPLE products. But off course the brand followers are the rich ones who have the money at their finger tips. Considering the fact that the ratio of the rich to average people are 1: 4 Google the master mind did its job silently and grabbed the market. 

android vs apple

* In just 2 years ANDROID store has 350k APPS.
* Hundreds of devices and still more are opting ANDROID as it is not more expensive than those 200k devices used for the same purpose.
* The VOICE RECOGNITION pattern in IOS devices is natural voice encryption but ANDROID has command encryption voice recognition.
* The ICLOUD feature in IOS is remarkably excellent. You have to use equivalent third party software/app for the purpose- (DROPBOX is trying its best to make the same available)
* Google search is limited for ANDROID users. Other search engines like bing, yahoo are not available to them (not at all a big issue).
* ANDROID APP store is vast but not as vast as the APPLE store. Here APPLE wins the race. But in no time Google will take over here also.

So what’s the count folks??


No doubt the best entertaining source has made remarkable number of users and fans around the world. Its origin also came from ANDROID (huh! +1 for android here too)
IOS has gained reputation from IPHONE 4S which encouraged the people and their demands- for the same reason IPHONE 5 is most awaited after STEVE JOBS death. The pre-booked count for I phone 5 is enormous. Thus the race can be referred as the race between the two most renowned personalities LARRY PAGE and STEVE JOBS.  Moreover IOS has to provide $4.5Google revenue.

You can make your job easier by the voice recognition service. You offer them to call your friend by their name and the job is done. The natural voice recognition is provided by IOS devices not by ANDROID devices (+1 for APPLE)
you can set your alarm, save your files, set the password in just no time – that’s the power of voice control system. Also the Google app inventor helps you to write your own apps which is much convenient. This is not available for other OS.
The developers however prefer to make IOS apps as they have already been stabilized in the market ad will be much difficult for them to switch over. So the new developers have their chances to prove them. The competition is on its rise. According to the developers the ANDROID apps are less complicated and have improved features which take nerves to do so in IOS.
So now the task is yours to decide which is better?

This guest post has been written by ArshKapoor who is a tech writer and writes about technical topics like cloud computing and cloud computing operating system.

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Most of the people have a consciousness on chose handset with best features and specifications with usefulness and facilities. So as per their plan and suitable they chose it, definitely the Apple is branded but as per economical view it is too costly.

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Examples include.NET Framework, HP WebOS, and iOS. These tools allow programmers to write, test, and deploy applications to the chosen platform all in one place. To break this down even further, an IDE consists of a source code editor, a compiler and/or interpreter, a debugger, and a user interface. It can also build automation tools. Regardless, IDEs are usually the software suite of choice.

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