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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Advantages of WordPress over Blogger platform for Blogging

Why Blogger.com is just waste of time for professional blogging?

wordpress or blogger
1. The permalink feature in blogger is very bad. You cannot change the permalink structure.
2. The categories are no-index by default in blogger which is not at all SEO friendly.
3. As blogger is in cloud you cannot customize it to your need. It just serves your basic need, advanced customization to your need is highly impossible in blogger. In short no access to the Database.
4. You don't find many great templates on blogger.
5. If you want to add some functionality then you must be a hardcore programmer, even hardcore programmers find it very difficult to add some functionalities.
6. We cannot optimize ads in blogger unlike we do in WordPress using plugins Ad Injection and Quick Adsense.
7. Last but not the least your blog is not owned by you but owned by google and they can delete your blog anytime without your permission.
I am not just saying these words just like that, my blog was on blogger for about 2 years and was deleted one day without my consent. It used to be a top notch with reasonably quality content. It used to be one of the top Alexa Ranking blogs that are hosted on blogger.com.
Don't waste your time and switch to WordPress self-hosted blogs right away.

Source: Imran Uddin


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