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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Infinity Connect: A New and Exciting Feature from Comcast

XFINITY has for some time now been a useful and versatile service provided by Comcast. Its practical applications are relevant for internet, television, phone service, and more. For those already associated with Comcast, or new customers intrigued by the possible benefits, XFINITY Connect is an excellent set of fresh features that takes the Comcast experience to unprecedented heights.

It is really so simple to become a part of the XFINITY family for good. To kick start the whole process, one just needs to create an email account; that will provide full access XFINITY Connect, Customer Service, and more.

XFINITY Connect is all about convenience and efficiency - and it knocks both of these qualities right out of the water with smashing success. It is a natural and well-designed hub meant to connect an individual to their friends, family, and co-workers. No excessive organization or constant micro-management is needed on the users end to keep your contacts in order. A simple sign-in will provide quick, unmitigated access to email addresses, phone numbers and more.

In fact, a distinct advantage of it is the ease in which it is compatible with mobile devices, desktop computers, and more. It is the go-to program to use when individuals are on the go; the iPhone, Android, and iTouch, among others, have their own custom app for the Connect system. For people will hectic business schedules, expectant phone calls or emails, or constantly altering and adding to their calendar, this really is a sensible fit.

XFINITY Connect Online comes with a handful of features that facilitate the access and reliability of online tools. For one, as an online platform, it makes connecting to content much easier because everything is distilled into one organized center of information. Rather than scrolling through pages of text and jumping from link to link, a simple list of icons and addresses are provided for maximum ease.

Checking one's email is a cinch; the same goes for new voicemail messages. Incredibly, even if one is merely on the computer rather than a mobile device, the person can still respond to the voicemail via email. XFINITY Connects synthesis of platforms and features proves that Comcast is striving to make the user experience interconnected and seamless.

Other pertinent user information is siphoned through the Connect lens to make sure customers can reach the real-time updates happening in the world. Social media juggernauts Facebook and Twitter are easily integrated into XFINITY Connects online experience so that one's accounts can be linked up and accessed from anywhere. For individuals on the road waiting to receive an update from a friend or family member - or waiting for announcement from a restaurant, venue, or some other business - Connect makes it enjoyable and manageable to do so.

As stated previously, at the drop of a hat XFINITY Connect can become a heaven-made match for one's mobile device. Comcast interest in and recognition of these next generation technological tools makes the setup and connectivity simple. Account information is a click away, as well email and voicemail messages, which are conveniently housed in one inbox. Even better, if an individual is far from their residence but needs to check the home phone, missed and received call lists can be accessed remotely.

XFINITY Connect is safe, direct, and intuitive for users. Its advanced spam protection is top of the line, intended to provide the necessary defenses to safeguard families and individuals from spam and phishing. For example, all official emails from Comcast can be immediately identified by their Comcast Verified Email Icon. A number of different email filters can quickly be established to automatically target and redirect unwanted spam and viral emails.

Taken in full, XFINITY Connect is a reliable, organized service dedicated to customers looking to accomplish more in less time overall. As a consumer, accessibility and user intuitiveness is critically important, and the Connect features rank high. Whether a new or veteran customer to Comcast, consider the XFINITY Connect service for a great user experience overall.


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