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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Top 10 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Old

There are plenty of retro gadgets that make everyone feel a little bit old, but they are so much fun to remember at the same time. Back in the day, text messaging was an amazing breakthrough! Look how far technology has come…
Technology has changed in so many ways over the last decade. There have been many astonishing advances and this means that the day to day lives of most people are so far away from what they would have been like just a few years ago. In this day and age everyone is using some form of the latest technology; mobile phones, apps, tablets, laptops, new operating systems, and whatever else they decide to bring out! The rate at which things are moving now is pretty impressive with the market fighting to be the one who comes up with that next amazing idea that users are going to love. The new age has changed how things work dramatically to the point where just about everyone will be made to feel a little old by the mention of certain things. Whether it's a gadget or just trying to keep up with the technological changes; everyone has been there. These are the gadgets of the last generation...
In 1989 the world was introduced to the Nintendo Game Boy. This was the device that changed expectations of gaming and handheld systems forever. Selling over 32 million units and over 118 million if you include Game Boy Colour, it was certainly popular and on a lot of Christmas lists for a few years ahead. Ah, the Super Nintendo. The SNES was a success in every way with hundreds of thousands being sold within hours of its release in 1990.
Motorola phones were the device to have way back in the day when an iPhone was likely to be considered something that would be found in the year 3000! These were all the range back in the 1990s and if you had one, you were super cool. For futuristic thinking, there are so many devices available today; Google can tell you everything you need to know! For other options; the SIM Only website has iPhone and Blackberry SIM deals. It can be viewed here as well with a quick search.
Four years later in 1994, the world was introduced to the original PlayStation. The PS1 was Sony's first real success in video gaming and shipped over a million units in less than ten years.
Nintendo fought back in 1996 with the Nintendo 64. The successor to the SNES was launched and released with Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64 and was a must have for kids (and parents after lights out!).
The same year (1996) introduced the Motorola StarTAC. This was hugely popular and everyone wanted one when they came out. They were lighter and smaller than had been known before. It was one of the first mobile phones that vibrated as a ringtone option.
It would seem that 1996 was a pretty good year for technology back then as it also saw thefirst DVD. DVDs are the norm these days and have seen the VHS become pretty much obsolete. Back then. DVDs were new and changed the way movies were seen forever.
This pretty impressive year also bought us the original Tamagotchi! This was a virtual simulation game that meant feeding an animal, walking it and generally taking care of it. These were massive and sold over an amazing 76 million! They were on every kid’s want list and were quickly banned from classes at school!
The following year saw Nokia take the mobile market by storm with the release of the Nokia 6110 in 1997. This was the phone that every kid would borrow from their parents, just to play Snake! The covers were removable so you could customise your phones look.
This was followed by the Nokia 3310 in the year 2000 and the release of Snake II!
In 1999, Napster was the platform that changed music and file sharing forever. This was not a gadget, but very much worthy of a mention. It was founded as a P2P service for music and used by millions.
It really is fun looking back at these gadgets that have been loved by many. No doubt it will make consider looking into the availability of your favourite pastimes; there is nothing more fun the taking a trip down memory lane with Mario and Luigi.
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