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Saturday, 14 April 2012

BlueStacks - Play all the android apps on your Windows PC


Feel the android flavor right on your computer. Recently, Silicon Valley-based Company called "BlueStacks" recently released an application for playing android apps on Computer which they call as "app player". It is a PC program (.exe file) that enables users to download Android apps & games directly or transfer them from your Android phone to PC.

You need to do NOTHING to android app to make it work in BlueStacks – the app will run as is.
I myself am using this software & trust me; this will make your day! Play all your favourite games on your PC. I’m thinking of making my PC as my phone! Well that’s a future idea for all mobile brands.

Nothing. They say they want to build the best possible product for their users for free.

Also, if you use apps which are designed for a tablet, you’ll get the same kind of app functionality on the PC. Now that sounds cool as well.

BlueStacks actually gives the Android crowd, device functionality on PC and puts the Android a step ahead of crowds of Windows & of Apple. Apple understands this trend and will soon merge the two app development platforms into a single one. Eventually, most, if not all, of its iOS apps will look and work the same on the iPhone, iPad and MacBook.
As for Microsoft, I'm uncertain if it even understands this concept.
For your knowledge, there are 200,000 plus Android apps already, it may not matter, since BlueStacks makes all of those work out of the box today.
So, if you have an Android phone or tablet and a Windows PC, check out BlueStacks.
In doing so, you just might get a glimpse of what the future of cross device apps will look like and how this could be a blueprint for the future of personal computing.
Such a nice & creative idea from Bluestack to make your Windows PC, a platform of Android.
As we say, Use IDM for downloading, here’s the download link for BLUESTACKS!

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