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Monday, 16 April 2012

So what is a HEPA Filter?

hepa filter

All of the top of the range filration systems today have a HEPA filter and we mostly all know that it’s a positive benefit, but do we truly understand what it does? It’s considered the contemporary apex of vacuum cleaner tech and the only way to improve on one HEPA filter kit is to have two working at once. Let’s take a critical look at this advanced piece of tech to get an idea of what they offer us as far as home cleaning and technology is concerned.

The Definition of a HEPA Filter

The High-Efficiency Particle Air filter, or HEPA filters, are effective in vacuum cleaners but are also used in industries such as pharmaceutical cleanliness, cars, planes and residential units. For a HEPA vacuum filter to be considered efficienct enough to qualify to standard they need to remove around 99.97% of items smaller than 0.3 millimetres. The DOE of America set this precidence but how that exact percentage is measured is anyone’s guess; when we’re talking about removing dust though, it’s a welcomed figure. A HEPA filter cleaning precedence is also achieved according to exact indoor parameters along with its ability to remove minute debris.

How a HEPA Filter Works

HEPA air filters are made up of a matte of arbitrarily arranged fibres which are typically made up of fibreglass and possess distances of aroujnd 0.5 and 2.0 micrometres. HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are meant to target incredibly small particles and harmful material; more so than the average filter and the ability to do this is dictated by three aspects. The three stages of a HEPA filter, be it on an air purifier or a vacuum cleaner, are all handled simultaneously; there is the interception phase when minute debris pieces follow a single air stream within one area of a fibre and stick to it, the impaction phase where larger minute objects are incapable of navigating the curved bends of the passing air flow and are cornered into a wedge locking them inside the filter and finally the diffusion phase is the marrying of the two above phases to heighten the possibility that any trailing particles are caught.

Universal HEPA Filter Functions

The HEPA filter comes in many classes all designating the effectiveness of their practical use and serve to illustrate their usage depending on the need. The seminal HEPA filter was developed at the same time as the atomic bomb, in order to curb the distribution of flying radioactive debris. Although the technology is somewhat older than one would expect, it’s only in recent years that its function in vacuum cleaners has been used. Either way the HEPA filter has many functions for use in modern cleanliness.

About the author:

Eugene Calvini is a writer keen on home technology; be it a bagless cylinder vacuum or upright vacuum cleaners, he enjoys writing on the new and curreny technologies involved with cleaning.


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