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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Keep track of your Computer running time


We all are always unsatisfied with the time we give to our computer.5-6 hours while running computer seems like just 1 hour when we shut down it & get up.
Why is it so? Are we addicted to it? Or there is a problem in our watch?
LOL...It is not like that..
80% of the things we do on net is of no use to us- says a recent survey by a US university.
So we keep a track on running computer by installing a software & installing a software needs more RAM to be used which means more busy our system gets.
Today, am giving a trick on how to check the time we have spend on our computer without installing any additional software in our computer.

Here's how you can verify your system uptime:

  1. Click Start
  2. Open RUN by searching for programs and files.
  3. In run , type 'cmd' to open a command prompt.
  4. At the prompt, type 'systeminfo'

Now scroll down the list of information till you get the line that says 'System Up Time'.

This will tell you in days, hours, minutes and seconds how long the system has been up.
NOTE- Do not act over-smart by directly opening 'systeminfo' in run dialog box, the windows will get open, nut will get vanished before you start reading the first word of your system's information. :D

This can be used in Windows XP also but there you get the command prompt or run directly in the 'ALL PROGRAMS' section in the start menu.

Hope it helped you...Got any suggestions? Write them in comments.


nice post keep it up...........

Its good to track of your computer running time but i never did it.I always love to spend 24*7 hrs thats the reason.
Thanks Mridul for this article.

Its a good way of track of computers running time.But i usually loves to spend all my time on computer.

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