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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Instagram for Android? Yes, Please.

iPhone users have been enjoying the fun and functionality of Instagram for a while now, and Android users are about to see what all the hype is about. After months and months of waiting, Instagram became available for Android users on April 3, 2012.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an application that allows for photo editing and photo sharing. Users can add filters to the pictures they take, making them look older or more vintage than the actual true image. Users can also share these images with other Instagram users, and like other social networking sites, users can post comments or "like" someone else's photos.
Though there are other photo editing and photo sharing apps available, Instagram is one of the most coveted. Instagram is a great app for people who enjoy taking pictures and playing around with different looks and styles through editing software. Many aspiring photographers use Instagram as a virtual portfolio, using the app as a way to showcase their artwork.
Instagram for Android

Instagram has been one of the most popular apps purchased from Apple's app store for a very long time, and many Android users wanted it for their devices. Instagram was recently made available to Android users on the Google Play store, and users downloaded the app like it was going out of style. Instagram is available on Android smartphones that run 2.2 software and up. Currently, it will not run on any Android tablets.
With Instagram for Android, users can alter their photos the same way that Apple users can, and they can still view the images from others, but it doesn't contain all the functionalities that the Apple version does.
Google and Instagram wanted to launch the product quickly, so they held back a few key features, such as the sharing capabilities through email, Flickr and Posterous, as well as Blur and Tilt/Shift features. Some other complaints have been that the in-app camera doesn't work very well, and users have to use the stock Android camera instead. This is a problem because the stock Android camera does not produce images in the same format that is required to use the Instagram app.
Instagram plans on making updates to its software in the near future to take care of the issues that users are having as well as implement the features that are currently missing. Reps for Instagram have said that their goal is to make the user interface the same between both Android and iOS devices, and that users should never be able to tell the difference between the two.
Though Instagram for Android may be lacking a few functionalities and may have a few tweaks that need to be addressed, most of the customer reviews found on Google Play are positive. Android users are happy to now have the photo editing tool that was once only available on Apple devices, and users are also excited to join the thousands of individuals already using the app and see the millions of images currently available.
Ashley Cole is a stay at home mother and frequent Instagram user who loves to write for blogs in her down time. She rarely writes without the help of a grammar checker and often uses the software to spot mistakes and problems she didn't even know were in her text. She is currently masterminding a kitchen remodeling project and wants a more transitional kitchen design.



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